MINI Petanque Party ®, 100% French MINI Petanque Table Manufacturer!

Since its creation, the companyMINI Petanque Party ® is located in Montélimar. She is developing unique technological and artisanal know-how.

This know-how led him to the design of his three current flagship models: theFOLDABLE MINI Petanque table - The PétanCoeurs, the Table FOLDING MINI Petanque - Bruno Le Boursicaudand theTable Kit MINI Petanque - Team Quest,iconic and multigenerational objects.                                           

This beautiful, friendly story begins on July 1, 2019!

The CREATION of the company!

July 2019:Olivier Bourg,host, French actor and petanque enthusiast, joins forces withPatrice Santacroce "100% Leisure"for the manufacture of 4 MINI Pétanque tables (L 240 x W 80 x h 75 cm; MINI Boule 3 cm; 60 g; Surface of calibrated sand 2 mm "Clapicette").

Olivier Bourghosts a tournament "MINI Pétanque"in a bar in Montélimarand in front of this success, he will animate many tournaments: camping, tour"My Beers"Montpellier, Valence, Avignon .... This will make it possible to consider other projects for tables that are more easily transportable.



The prototype of the Foldable table of MINI Pétanque Party


The 1timeFOLDABLE TABLE fromMINI Petanque

December 2019: The 1st FOLDABLE table model fromMINI Petanqueis born in the workshops ofTeam Quest in Montélimar. From the start,the FOLDABLE table of MINI Petanqueis not thought of as a toy but as a real piece of furniture combining a double expertise in carpentry, design and precision.



FOLDABLE Table DesignMINI Petanqueand INNOVATION in series


April 2020: Faced with the Covid, Olivier Bourg launches crowdfunding on the platformUluleand succeeded in raising € 2,500 to offer MINI Pétanque Tables in EHPADs. He will be invited to the JT d'M6, the newspaper 20 minutesFrance Blue, Nostalgia and"Les Grosses Têtes" by Laurent Ruquier on RTL.

May 14, 2020: The modelFoldable tableMINI Petanque,pioneer of the new rangeMINI Petanque Party ®, Leaves the workshops of Team Quest. Innovative in many ways, this table already provides real comfort and real gaming sensations that distinguish it from all other competing models.

Its specially designed synthetic rugs are appreciatedfor their flexibility of play and their high resistance; the table legs are integral and foldable in 30 seconds!

The materials are original100% French!




1ermodel for EHPAD


June 2020:MINI Petanque Party ®  is the 1st French manufacturer to have developed the design and practice of the Table deMINI Petanquefor thePMR (Someone with reduced mobility). Real research and development work has been carried out with the elderly in nursing homes (in particular the St Joseph retirement home in Loriol) toadapt the product and make theMINI Petanque accessible to everyone.

MINI Petanque Party ®, sponsored byBruno Le Boursicaud, 7 x World Champion in Pétanque. 



Invention of the MINI Boules and Glasses rests, the Fronton and the Stop MINI Boules Tarpaulin!


July 15, 2020: MINI Balls outgoing are potentially dangerous for those opposite. In order to avoid recurring accidents, the companyMINI Petanque Party ®has devised an ingenious solution by installing a MINI boules stop cover which also prevents the MINI boules from returning to the game.

July 30, 2020:The table is reduced in length (200 cm),the rules of the game are written withJeremy Chanez(Member of the collective staff France Jeune Masculin -FFPJP). The table ismore flexible (can be assembled and dismantled),its use isMore comfortable, we can play on both sides and many games are added:MINI MolkkyGolf, andMINI Foot Party(air puck game).

August 2020: Our sponsorBruno Le Boursicaudparticipates in the creation of MINI balls and glasses rests.


September 2020: Decathlon (Valence) exhibits our KIT MINI Pétanque - Team Quest table (until Christmas).


October 2020: Tanguy Peninexecuted3 million views with MINI Petanque 




The Table of MINI Petanque - The PetanCoeurs, THE MYTHICAL MODEL!

November 2020:Vincent Lepeltiervia his company"The PétanCoeurs"joined the adventure, withOlivier Bourg, they imagine this model which becomes"The reference": Robustness, precision, feeling of play and design - acclaimed by communities, administrations, bars and restaurants.

This model will equip in 2021 individuals who wish to have their own table of MINI Petanqueat homebut alsocommunities, colleges, high schools and businesses.

Its shape and look are instantly recognizable and have earned it many times copied but never equaled.

Watch out for fakes!                                                             




MINI Petanque Party ®,it is :

. Share, educate, live together (trans-generational, multicultural, accessible to all)

. Bonding - friendship, having fun with ease and maintaining both mind and body. (Reinforced socialization, important psychological help ...)

. Bring our heritage and our culture, that of pétanque, to life,in France and export it abroad.

. Bring to the youngest and our seniors anew activity that works cognitive networks.

. Precision, control, focus and memory (Retirement homes and also Schools).

MINI Petanque Party ® becomes a partner and supportsThe Blue Child Association which fights against child abuse (viaLes PétanCoeurs).

The equipment is completely disinfected, you can also play Pétanque with the Covid, sincePétanCoeurs are also the creators of theSAFE Pétanque!




MINI Petanque Champion, the OFFICIAL Tableof COMPETITION


February 2021: The modelMINI Petanque Party ®will (perhaps) become the official competition table with theFrench Federation of Petanque and Provençal Game (FFPJP).

March 2021:MINI Petanque Party ® propose to the personalization of MINI Ballsin the colors and choices of each.

April 2021:MINI Petanque Party ® will enter the world of competition, a special model will be created for the 1st French Championship ofMINI Petanque (possibly at the Stade Vélodrome)in Marseille.



May 2021: This model will become theMPP ONE, the only French competition table approved by the International Federationfor all major national and international competitions.





July 2021: Once again a pioneer,MINI Petanque Party ® will realize his 1st personalized table, a Table ofMINI Petanque dressed in the brand's colors and logo SURPRISE (Summer 2021 tour). Realizing the impact and strength of our models as a communication medium, the channelSURPRISEwill communicate with our tables and propose"Happening" and "Happy Hour"in its broadcasts. Many brands and companies will do the same.




January 2022: The 1 st Table ofMINI Petanqueconnected! The startupMINI Game Party, in association withMINI Petanque Party ®, will create a first prototype of a connected table, the TableMINI Petanque increased.

April 2022: Creation in parallel of the 1st social network entirely dedicated to players of
MINI Petanque: the MINI Petanque Society ® 



Resume Friendly;)

April 2042:MINI Petanque Party ®continues its journey for the 2nd generation: the famous mascot"MINI Doudou"becomes Chairman of SASMINI Game Party ®.